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When a pest enters your home or business, it’s a nuisance for everyone. They not only disrupt your day, but can be tricky to eliminate as well. At Ace Walco, we have over 75 years of experience with pest control in the Staten Island and New Jersey area. Whether you need termite control or you’ve got bedbugs, our staff can help you quickly identify the problem with a free evaluation and tailor a plan that will work for your home and your schedule to solve the problem. We understand our customer’s needs, and with over 75 years of service under our belt, we’ve developed the most efficient way to take care of all your pest problems. We perform the following services in the following areas:

What We Do

Staten Island is home to some of the worst pests around. Infestations can happen for a while before you or your family notices. We offer Staten Island termite control, rodent extermination, and solutions for other common pests like ants, bedbugs, bees, and so forth. To see a full list of pests, or to help you verify which pest is in your home, please check out our ‘Pest Identifier’ page. If you’re still not sure which bug or rodent has invaded your home, you capture one of the intruders give or even snap a picture of them or the damage they may be causing. We’ll arrive on the scene to evaluate the extent of the problem. We will do a complimentary home pest inspection to help you determine the problem as well as the source. We have many options and packages for you to choose from to insure these pests are eliminated, and to prevent any problems in the future, including a one year guarantee on most pests. Once you have any signs of a pest, give us a call. We can often take preventative action to make sure a pest stays out of your home for good before it becomes too big of an issue. When it does get out of hand, give us a call – we also take care of emergency pest control needs.

How We Do It

We have perfected our practice and found the best way to take care of termites, insects, rodents, and everything in between. We pride ourselves in formulating custom, smart solutions. We can eliminate your problems without having to disrupt your everyday lives and can sometimes take care of the problem on the exterior of the home or property. Hiring a professional in pest control in the Staten Island area will ensure your problem is fixed quickly and efficiently, and if you have any problems with other pests in the future, we’re close by and can help in an instant.

Ace Walco is a major pest control service provider for Staten Island NY as well as surrounding areas, and we’re just down the road! We can offer same day service to get these pests out of your life! Call today for your consultation & check out our online deals for first time customers.

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