What do odorous house ants look like?

This species looks like your typical ant with a brownish black body, but they have light brown limbs and antennae, and they have parallel line patterns on the front of their body. They grow between 2 and 3 millimeters long.

Where do odorous house ants live?

These ants move into buildings in search of food. They often nest in walls or beneath the floor. Like Argentine ants, they also travel in trails, and they prefer to eat sweet foods.  If you notice signs of odorous house ants, call Ace Walco for a free pest control inspection.

How do I know if I see odorous house ants?

You'll see these ants traveling in trails, but your home will also accumulate an odd smell. When they die, these ants give off a smell like rotten coconut. You should eliminate them to remove the annoyance, but they also because they can contaminate food, which makes them harmful.

How do I keep odorous house ants out?

Like any ant, make sure to use screens on windows and doors, and seal any cracks in the outside of structures with silicone sealant.  Clean up after any food preparation, including wiping down surfaces and sweeping the floor.  Take out trash regularly.


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