Formosan Termite

What does a Formosan termite look like?

Formosan termites are about 1/2 inch long and, when swarming, looks similar to a flying ant.  Of course, you know a termite from an ant because the termite has a thick midsection while the ant has a very defined, slender waste.  Workers are caramel colored with a sharp pincer on the end of their head.

What damage do Formosan termites do?

Luckily, though there are plenty of termite problems in New Jersey, Formosan termites are not typically found here.  They are the most devastating species of all the termite world.  Because they live in large colonies, sometimes up to a million members strong, they can devour practically any structure given enough time.


Formosan termites are subterranean, meaning they build their nests underground or inside of wood structures.  They build large and intricate nests out of mud that expand as they destroy the integrity of the lumber.


Formosan termites are the most aggressive and destructive species of termite.  


Termite control in New Jersey starts with exclusion.  Call Ace Walco today for a free inspection and our service professionals will walk through some of the best ways to avoid termite problems.  Keep wood scraps far away from the house.  Avoid any contact of wood to soil on structures.  Maintain good drainage and keep water from gathering near the foundation.




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