Drywood Termites

What do drywood termites look like?

Since they often don’t leave their nest inside of wood, these termites are often freakishly white, and very creepy.  Winged swarmers look much more like a normal subterranean termite or flying ant.


Drywood termites burrow into wood and build large colonies, sometimes over 2,000 members strong.  Since their activity occurs 100% inside the wood, there will often be no outward sign of an infestation.


Luckily for us in the Northeast, drywood termites are mainly found across the southern states.  As the name suggests, they prefer dry wood, such as ceiling framing or attics.  


Drywood termites are capable of significant structural damage if they are not found and eliminated immediately.  Because they have such large colonies and select nesting sites that are often quiet and solitary, they can do major harm before even being noticed.


Store all scrap and firewood off the ground away from your house.  Seal all cracks and openings around the foundation and walls.  Use screens on doors and windows to avoid entry.


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