Dampwood Termites

What do dampwood termites look like?

Dampwood termites are perhaps the grossest looking termites.  They are larger than most other termites—over a half inch long—with a large and sharp mandible, making them look like they escaped from a scene in Alien.  They range in color from a light whitish color to brown.


Dampwood termites infest, eat and live in highly moist wood.


Thankfully, dampwood termites are not commonly found in the Northeast.  Their range in the US is mainly the west coast and Florida.  They don’t normally infest structures, preferring wood with higher moisture content.


The biggest threat posed by dampwood termites is structural damage, but unlike other termites, they will stay away from wood that is too dry for their taste.


As with most other pests, the best way to avoid a dampwood termite problem is to eliminate harborage sites throughout your property.  This includes cleaning any areas of excess moisture or debris where termites or other insects might hide.


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