Honey bee

What does a honey bee look like?

Honeybees are somewhat large bees, about a half inch long, with yellow and black striping and hairy bodies.

Do honey bees sting?

Yes.  The stinger on a honey bee has a barb, so they will only bite once.  Honeybees in New Jersey are most aggressive in the fall when protecting their nests.

Where do honey bees live?

Honey bees live in large colonies of up to 80,000 bees.  They build their nests and honeycombs in tree crevices, but sometimes find homes in human structures, such as attics, inside hollow walls or chimneys.


Besides stinging in defense of their nests, honeybees pose little risk.  They are beneficial insects in many ways, by pollinating crops the world over.


The best way to prevent a honey bee infestation in New Jersey is to exclude them.  Make sure cracks and holes are sealed on the outside of the house.  If you do suspect honey bee activity, contact a pest care professional like Ace Walco right away.  Because their colonies can grow so large, only a beekeeper or professional would attempt cleanup.



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