You hear buzzing nearby, and for a moment, you panic. In your mind, you see the image of a thin, sleek, yellow and black insect with a sharp stinger, and you swat around your head for the nearby yellow jacket.

However, thankfully, the buzzing didn't come from a yellow jacket. It came from a bee. And you breathe a sigh of relief as you watch that bee fly lazily away-where it crawls into a circular hole in the side of your house.

That hole makes you worried again. No matter what kind of stinging insects you have, they shouldn't live in your home. You know you need a bee exterminator from New Jersey's Ace Walco Pest Control. But you also wonder: what kind of bee bores into your home's materials?

Learn More About Carpenter Bees

You have likely heard of carpenter ants, which make their colonies in dead wood. Carpenter bees do something similar. They chew into wood to create nest galleries. And while these bees do not generate as much damage as carpenter ants or termites, they could still undermine your home's structural integrity. Call Ace Alco Pest Control for carpenter bee control on your New Jersey property.

We'll help you determine if you do indeed have a carpenter bee infestation. These bees don't have stripes or hair on their abdomens, but they look like bumblebees otherwise. We'll humanely remove or relocate them, and then we'll help you paint and seal your wood to ensure you never experience a repeat infestation.  

Give Us a Call

You can count on us to deliver exceptional customer service. We have served local residents with prompt and professional pest control services since 1936. If you would like to schedule carpenter bee control in New Jersey, call our team at 1-800-831-4223. We'll make your home bee free again in no time. 

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