What do bumble bees look like?

Bumble bees are black with yellow stripes.  They are typically about one inch long.  


Where do bumble bees live?

Bumble bees are beneficial insects because they pollinate crops and plants, and can be found in all 50 states.  They build nests sometimes in the ground, sometimes above ground around patio or deck areas, and even under eaves or in soffits.


Do bumble bees sting?

Yes.  Bumble bees are aggressive in the defense of their nest.  They can and will sting, often multiple times. Their sting is one of the most painful, and unlike Honeybees, they can keep stinging.  When threatened, they will buzz loudly and chase intruders a considerable distance.  



Bumble bees start building their nests in the spring time and continually work on expansion throughout the year.  By fall the bees begin preparing to overwinter and this is the time they are most aggressive in protecting the hive.  Beware of going anywhere near a nest during the fall.


Bumble bees are quite flexible in their selection of housing.  They can build nests under ground, or high above the ground in trees, under eaves or soffits, in attics and beyond.  


Because they are so aggressive, the biggest threat bumble bees pose is their painful sting.  During the fall they will defend their nest in a team effort, so be sure to use precaution when going anywhere near a nest.


Reducing habitat is a good start for preventing a bumble bee problem, but often they will build a nest anyway.  Because of their aggressive behavior, it is always best to call on the help of a professional pest control company like Ace Walco if you notice a nest on your property.

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