Africanized Killer Bees

It’s tough to tell the difference between an Africanized killer bee and a normal honeybee.  In fact, the only way to know for sure is to measure them.  The American honeybee and Africanized killer bee evolved from the same species, but the main difference is that the Africanized bees are more aggressive and often attack in greater numbers, making them more of a threat to those who are sensitive to bee stings.  Luckily for us in the Northeast, these bees are commonly found in the American southwest.    



Africanized killer bees can be very aggressive and protective of their hives if they feel threatened.  They are known to follow people for up to a quarter of a mile in attempts to chase off the threat!



In contrast to some other bee species, Africanized killer bees have quite small colonies. This gives them the advantage of living in some interesting places.  Around human establishments, they can live in boxes, crates, old cars, or various small crevices.



Contrary to their name, Africanized killer bees don’t really kill, but their venom can cause severe reaction to people who are sensitive.  The real hazard of the Africanized killer bee is that they tend to attack in greater numbers than regular honey bees, so when a person is attacked, they often receive a larger amount of stings.



If you suspect you have a hive of Africanized killer bees, it is important to consult a pest control specialist or beekeeper.  Contact Ace Walco today to schedule a free inspection.  If you are chased by one of these little stingers, run away and hide inside.

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