Black Widow Spiders

Not many creatures show up in your basement with such an ominous name, so it is no wonder that they are quite frightening.  Black widow spiders are easily identifiable by the red hourglass shape on their shiny black abdomen.  They typically grow between 3/4-3/8” in diameter, and they are found throughout the US and the world.  



These elusive spiders build webs near the ground in dark places where they hope not to be disturbed, like under a desk in a basement, or in a wood pile.  They hang upside down in the center of their web until an unsuspecting insect gets trapped, at which point the spider eats its prey.  Black widows do not make a habit of biting people, but they will if they are threatened, and this can spell trouble.



Black widow spiders build their webs and live in dark, undisturbed places.  They often get into houses by hitching rides on firewood, and once inside will look for a suitable new nesting site.  This is commonly under furniture, in cracks in a wall, in boxes or under eaves.



Black widow spiders are venomous, though rarely is a bite fatal to a person.  Their venom is a neurotoxin, however, and people have been known to get quite sick from the bite of a black widow.  The very young and very old are especially susceptible.



To prevent being bit by a black widow spider, be sure to check for signs of visible webs.  If you need to move items in a basement that have not been disturbed for a while, wear gloves.  Also keep an eye to shoes in basements or near woodpiles and shake them out before putting them on.  If you suspect black widow activity in your home or business, contact Ace Walco today and we can put your mind at ease. Article Links

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