What do Norway rats look like?

Norway rats look like most other rats, but they are bigger.  They can grow up to a foot long (including their tail).   They also have quite small eyes.

Do Norway rats bite?

Yes.  It is important to avoid handling rats under any circumstance, as their bite can spread a variety of diseases.

Where do Norway rats live?

Norway rats primarily live outside in fields and farmland, but they adapt readily to living indoors.  They can fit through a hole the size of a quarter!

What do Norway rats eat?

Norway rats are omnivores, meaning they will eat just about anything they can find.  Of course, they prefer the easy pickings of human food whenever possible.


Norway rats spread a variety of diseases and can contaminate homes that they infest.  They also have a tendency to chew through wires, causing concern for potential electrical fires.  


The best way to keep Norway rats out of your Randolph, NJ home is to remove harborage sites.  Norway rats love living in woodpiles, so keep yours tidy and off the ground.  Clean up any debris or leaf piles on your property.  Seal holes in the outside of any structures.  


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