What does an Indian meal moth look like?

Indian meal moths are shaped like a slender triangular and have stripes of white, black and brown.  They can grow to about 3/4” long.  Often they are referred to as the pantry moth or weevil moth.

Where do Indian meal moths live?

Indian meal moths feed on grains and other food.  They are often found in bulk food, such as cereals, rice and grains.  

Do Indian meal moths bite?

No.  Indian meal moths do not bite, but they can contaminate food products if not swiftly dealt with.


Indian meal moths are found worldwide in food storage areas, such as grocery stores and granaries.  They find a bag of rice or other food, and move in.  They will live inside the food as they lay eggs, and several days later, tiny little meal moth pupae are wriggling around, until they grow up and have wings of their own to fly to the next bag in the pantry.


Indian meal moths are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they’ve made a stand.  They can fly a considerable distance, and eggs can survive in places away from food so there is potential that even throwing out contaminated goods may not be enough.  Ace Walco has decades of experience tackling tough Indian meal moth infestations in New Jersey.  Call today for a free inspection.


Always inspect foods you bring into your home to insure they are pest-free. If you do notice bugs or signs of them, discard products in a sealed outdoor trash bin.   Clean infested storage areas with soap and water.  Store all pantry items in solid, airtight containers. 


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