What do earwigs look like?

Earwigs are creepy looking bugs, but contrary to urban legend, they do not crawl into people’s ears and eat their brains.  They are long and narrow, dark brown, have 6 legs and huge clippers on their rear.  They wiggle from side to side like centipedes when they move.

Do earwigs bite people?

No.  Although they have a truly weird and frightening appearance, they only damage they really can do is to pinch you with their clippers, but they do not have venom or a stinger so the unlikely wound would simply be a pinch.


Earwigs are nocturnal, so they sleep all day and at night hunt for food, which includes mold, other insects, leaves and other plant matter.  


Earwigs like to live in large groups together, so if you see one, there is a good chance several hundred of its friends are nearby.  They live in the soil under logs, in piles of leaves and under rocks.


Earwigs don’t typically bite people and they don’t spread diseases, but they are creepy enough to cause a scene.


Keep screens on windows and doors, and seal all cracks or holes in the foundation.  Rid your property of potential harborage sites like piles of lawn debris, old tires, and standing water.

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