When fall rolls around, you generally expect to see fewer pests. But even as it gets too cold for pest to survive out in the open, you start noticing flies around the house. These files seem different than the common house fly. Even though it’s getting colder, these gray flies seem to show up more and more through the winter.

If you notice this problem, odds are that you have an infestation of cluster flies. When you need to get rid of this nuisance, call Ace Walco Termite & Pest Control. Our experts know exactly how to deal with annoying cluster flies.

The Facts About Cluster Flies

Cluster flies, generally called attic flies, are common throughout the United States. They appear similar to house flies, though house flies have a blacker, more metallic color. 


Cluster flies normally stay outdoors during the spring and summer. They usually spend their time around earthworms to lay their eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the flies infect the earthworms as parasites until they are fully grown.

Cluster flies become a nuisance when they hibernate in homes during the winter. Once fall comes, they gravitate to warm homes and try to find their way inside through gaps. If they gain entrance, they will find a place to hibernate for the winter.

The Problems of a Cluster Fly

Cluster flies aren’t inherently dangerous, despite the annoyance they cause. However, they do attract other pests, like carpet beetles and boxelder bugs. If you have an infestation of cluster flies, then you might have an infestation from other insects as well.  

Cluster Fly Extermination

With the help of Ace Walco, you can ensure cluster flies don’t bother your home. We will seal the possible entrances in your home to prevent cluster flies from entering it. If you do have cluster flies already in your home, we’ll work carefully and quickly to remove them.


Ace Walco Termite & Pest Control has provided pest control in the Hoboken, NJ area for decades. Call us at 1-800-831-4223 to eliminate your problem.


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