German Cockroaches

There are many different types of cockroaches, but the most prevalent throughout the world is the German cockroach.  They are found in every state in the US and every country around the world.  The German cockroach is a brownish color, but the distinguishing marking which sets this cockroach apart is a set of dark stripes just behind their head.   



The most common place to find German cockroaches is around food, especially in kitchens.  To a lesser extent they will live in bathrooms, but their preference is to be close to food.  Most infestations occur in kitchen areas.



Like most cockroaches, the German cockroach lives in small crevices near their food.  They actually spend a majority of their life hiding in these nooks and crannies, emerging only to eat.  When living in houses, they prefer to come out when the rest of the house is sleeping.  Many homeowners are surprised when they turn on the kitchen light and see German cockroaches skittering back to their hiding places.   



The biggest threat German cockroaches pose is the spreading of disease and bacteria.  From human pathogens to parasitic worms to over 30 types of bacteria, cockroaches are notorious for proliferating disease and sickness.  They gather germs on their legs and bodies as they creep through sewage and other gross places, then deposit these germs on your kitchen countertops.  The good news is that cleaning, especially with some kind of germ-killing agent, will eliminate most of these bacteria.  Because of the health threat German cockroaches spawn, it is very important to treat any infestation as soon as possible.  Call Ace Walco today for a free inspection to protect your home or business from German cockroaches.



The most important action we can take to prevent German cockroaches is to keep clean.  Wherever and whenever people eat or drink, the area needs to be cleaned up and sanitized.  Another preventive step is to seal any cracks or crevices found in kitchen or bathroom areas to avoid allowing German cockroaches to hide out.

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