Pest Facts: Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks

Nothing gets your skin crawling like the thought of fleas and ticks, some of the peskiest biting insects out there.  They are easily picked up by pets and brought into a home, and their bites can spread dangerous diseases and pathogens.  Just this past year the incidences of tick-related diseases in the Northeast has risen dramatically.  Ace Walco has developed a treatment for outside spaces that puts a barrier of protection between your yard and the fleas and ticks on the outside.  Call us today for a free inspection and ask about our seasonal flea and tick program.

Do fleas and ticks bite?

Yes.  Both insects feed on mammals and will readily bite humans, potentially spreading dangerous diseases.  If you suspect you’ve seen any in or around your home, call Ace Walco today for a free inspection and we will help you understand the best options for getting rid of fleas and ticks for good. 


Flea facts


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