Bedbugs: General

Bed bugs have made an astounding comeback in the past 20 years.  With the increase in accessible world travel, bed bugs have made their way across the globe to torment virtually every kind of human dwelling, from squalor to affluence.  These rusty brown colored insects are shaped like a broad oval and have very flat bodies.  They grow to about 1/4 inch long.  If you suspect you have a bed bug problem, let us know right away and we can give you a professional inspection for free today.  Bed bug problems only get worse the longer they are left untreated.  



Bed bugs are disgusting.  They live off blood and have adapted to love people and their domestic animals, like dogs and cats.  They travel very well and hide in suitcases, shoes, clothing or boxes to find new hosts.  Once in a building, they hide both in and around beds, of course, but also in less obvious places like behind wallpaper, molding or switchplates.  Once night falls, they emerge and start biting.  



Bed bugs prefer to live in places where people and pets sleep, so they can easily crawl out at night for their biting sprees.  They hide in upholstery, cracks in walls or flooring, piles of dirty clothes, and pretty much any other dark space they can find.



Bed bugs do not spread diseases, but their bites do create itchy red welts on people and pets.  Some people have worse reactions than others.  Although the bites are typically harmless from the physical standpoint, the emotional toll that bedbug bites can have are devastating.  It is embarrassing, ugly and exasperating to face a bed bug problem.



The best way to avoid a bedbug infestation in your own home is to keep them away in the first place.  When on vacation, check bedsheets and mattresses for signs of bedbugs—tiny red to brown spots.  When you return home, inspect your luggage and even vacuum your suitcases.  Bed bugs are an embarrassing nuisance.  Give us a call today: 800-831-4223 

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