Most homeowners know to take precautions against termites since those pests can eat away at important wooden support beams. But you may not be aware that a species of ants could also infest and destroy your home's wood.  See examples of Carpenter Ant Damage here.

If you've noticed many red or black ants inside your house recently, they may be carpenter ants. Call in the team at Ace Walco to handle carpenter ant removal near Middlesex, NJ.

How to Identify Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants look similar to other types of ants. They appear either black or red, they walk on six legs, and they range from 1/4 inches to 5/8 inches in length. Some also bear wings on their back and look similar to termites.

Carpenter ants earned their name because they infest wood. In nature, they build nests in tree stumps or other wood sources near water. They usually enter buildings if they find molding or rotting wood in porch pillars, roof beams, or window sills. Once inside your home, they may eventually hollow out tunnels in structurally sound wood as well.

How Ace Walco Handles Carpenter Ants

The experts at Ace Walco use tried-and-true techniques to perform carpenter ant control. First, we'll identify whether carpenter ants have set up a nest in your house, and if so, where. Then, we'll discuss your pest control options with you and recommend effective solutions.

Ace Walco offers several methods to eliminate carpenter ants with insecticides as well as green and eco-friendly pest control products. We consider customer education an important part of the pest control process, so we always take time to answer questions and teach you pest prevention skills, such as how to eliminate decaying wood that attracts carpenter ants.

Eliminate Your Home's Carpenter Ants

If you suspect a carpenter ant infestation at your residence, contact Ace Walco today. From our headquarters in Linden, NJ, we send pest control technicians to many areas of the Garden State. Call 1-800-831-4223 to schedule a consultation at your New Jersey home.

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