Argentine Ants

The dark brown to black Argentine ant is a very social insect.  In fact, some colonies of Argentine ants are so large scientists have determined that they span the globe.  Argentine ants, unlike many other ants, have multiple queens in a colony and these queens even help the rest of the crew gather food.  Thankfully for us in New Jersey, the winters are cold enough here to keep the Argentine ants from fully taking hold.  In the US they are most often found in the lower latitudes in warmer climates. 



Most ants create trails between their nests and their food sources, but the Argentine ant is different.  They deposit a trail wherever they go which makes them very efficient among their ant brethren.  Also adding to their efficiencies is the fact that the Argentine ant is not a picky eater, and will feast on practically anything.



Argentine ant colonies are typically found near food in very moist environments, and because they house so many insects, they look for a place that will accommodate their large populations.



Argentine ants, like other ants you may run across, readily contaminate food and can create unsanitary conditions.  They do not sting or bite, but the health threat remains something to be vigilant about.



To ensure your home or business is protected against Argentine ants, make sure to keep things sanitary.  If pests notice food or drink left out, they are sure to make note of it and some back with their friends.  Also eliminating standing water, piles of wood or debris will go a long way toward keeping pests from building nests.  Call Ace Walco today for a free inspection to help you find ways to keep your home pest-free: 1-800-831-4223

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