Pantry Pests and Thanksgiving Cooking

The holiday rush is soon to be upon us and what does that mean but dusting off all that baking equipment and getting ready for the grand gorging.  But before you get your festive Paula Deen on, take a quick moment to check your flour and other grains.  Insects known as pantry pests like Indian meal moths, weevils and beetles are all known to inhabit food stuff, especially items that are often overlooked such as bulk grains, spices and other dry goods.  Read more to hear how Ace Walco recommends keeping your kitchen and pantry pest free this holiday season.

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Rodents Come In Out Of The Cold

Rodents Come In Out Of The Cold

With unseasonably cool temperatures, we are all running to the nearest cozy fire, and that includes our rodent brethren.  Be sure to read on for more information on what rodents are up to this season and some awesome tips from Ace Walco Pest Control about keeping your home safe from rodents this winter.


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Why do wasps and hornets get aggressive in the fall?

Wasps and Hornets Aggressive in the Fall


While we bask in the scent of pumpkin spice in the air, fall is a time of high alert for the bees and wasps who live among us.  Sweater weather may be a delight for us to think of, but cooling temperatures signal big change in nature.  Wasps are on high alert as the weather starts to get colder and they become especially aggressive as their cycle of life rounds to an end.  Read more for some tips from Ace Walco on keeping your home and family safe from aggressive wasps this season.

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The 411 on How to Deal With Ticks

When you think of ticks, you probably don't react the same way you do when you think of mosquitoes or spiders. All these pests drink blood, but ticks take this concerning experience a step farther-they latch into your skin.

Nobody wants to ever have a tick on their bodies. However, you risk attracting one of these pests every time you step outside. But you shouldn't hide in your house just to avoid them. Know how to deal with these pesky miniature arachnids by reading through the information below.

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Traveling? 6 Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs

As the fall approaches, you and your family may seize the opportunity to take a vacation. The good weather makes traveling easy, and you look forward to relaxing for a few days.

But before you let your guard down completely, keep in mind that bedbugs like to travel just as much as you do. Bedbugs can hitch a ride on your clothing or suitcases, and when you come home again, they may quickly reproduce and infest your sheets, mattresses, and carpeting.

Though bed bugs are harmless, they can prove troublesome to remove. So follow these steps to keep bedbugs at bay while you travel.

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