The 411 on How to Deal With Ticks

When you think of ticks, you probably don't react the same way you do when you think of mosquitoes or spiders. All these pests drink blood, but ticks take this concerning experience a step farther-they latch into your skin.

Nobody wants to ever have a tick on their bodies. However, you risk attracting one of these pests every time you step outside. But you shouldn't hide in your house just to avoid them. Know how to deal with these pesky miniature arachnids by reading through the information below.

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Traveling? 6 Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs

As the fall approaches, you and your family may seize the opportunity to take a vacation. The good weather makes traveling easy, and you look forward to relaxing for a few days.

But before you let your guard down completely, keep in mind that bedbugs like to travel just as much as you do. Bedbugs can hitch a ride on your clothing or suitcases, and when you come home again, they may quickly reproduce and infest your sheets, mattresses, and carpeting.

Though bed bugs are harmless, they can prove troublesome to remove. So follow these steps to keep bedbugs at bay while you travel.

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German Roaches and where do they come from?

Where did these roaches come from?

So you keep a clean house and have never noticed any cockroach activity before, but suddenly you find them in your kitchen?  Where did these cockroaches come from, and how do you get rid of them?  The German cockroach is one of the world’s most ubiquitous pests.  No matter where you are geographically or on the socioeconomic spectrum, cockroaches are sure to be nearby.  They can easily make their way into your home through something as simple and innocent as ordering takeout.  The rise of global trade and business-direct-to-customer shipping has also increased the rate of cockroach transfer, so consider this when you order specialty goods online.

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Ants, America's Most Notorious Pest


Did you know that ants are the most common pest in the United States?  No matter where you live, the ants go marching once by one, into our collective frustration.  Just as there are so many varieties of flowers to bring color to your home and landscaping, there is a huge variety of ants living amongst them.  Read further to find out about some of the various kinds of ants that may be pestering you.

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The Household Guide to Stinging Insects

You want to have a beautiful yard full of flowers and other bright and sweet-smelling plants. However, at the same time, you know that these plants attract a plethora of stinging insects. You may even have a few of them buzzing around your yard at this moment.

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