The mercury is dropping and everyone is heading indoors.  This includes the multitude of pests who would love to make your home their home this winter season.  How can you protect your home and family from the devastation of a pest infestation?  Read on for some helpful tips from Ace Walco, New Jersey’s leading pest control specialists.  

Winter Pest Proofing

What Kinds of Pests Should I Be Worried About in Winter?

Rodents and other larger pest animals begin to seek shelter when the weather turns from fall to winter, but other pests like cockroaches and insects also make the migration when temperatures drop.  Aside from being annoying and gross, these pests can also carry and spread a wide variety of diseases.  And if that’s not bad enough, some pests can also cause structural damage.  So, obviously there are lots of good reasons to do a little winter preparation to keep these nasty pests out of your home.


Tips For Winter Pest-Proofing 

  • Close your doors and windows.  It may seem obvious, but these are the easiest ways to get inside.
  • After the intentional openings are closed, set to work on a walk around the exterior of your house.  Look for any cracks or holes that should not be there and seal them.  Make sure to check areas where pipes or utilities enter the home and stuff fine grained steel wool in the opening.  Fix any broken screens or weather stripping.  
  • Eliminate any standing water on the property.  This includes keeping downspouts in working condition through the winter.  Also take a look for leaks or standing water inside.  Cockroaches and flies are most likely to infest bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Eliminate clutter outdoors and indoors.  Rodents and insects like spiders will hide in boxes and sometimes can make their way inside unnoticed.  Store boxes inside off the floor to eliminate places of refuge for pests.
  • Store firewood well away from your home.  20’ is a recommendation, but if you can make it further, that is even better.  Insects and rodents love to live in woodpiles and tell hopeful stories to one another about the lucky one that hitched a ride inside on a piece of wood.  Consider bringing in only the wood you are about to burn to eliminate this issue.


Follow these tips on winter pest-proofing and you are that much closer to a pest-free life!  Keep an eye out through the cold months and if you notice anything give Ace Walco a call.


For more information on rodents and cockroaches, please visit the Pest ID Pages at Acewalco.com


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