With unseasonably cool temperatures, we are all running to the nearest cozy fire, and that includes our rodent brethren.  Be sure to read on for more information on what rodents are up to this season and some awesome tips from Ace Walco Pest Control about keeping your home safe from rodents this winter.


Why Are Mice Coming Inside Now?

As the weather begins to turn from fall to winter, rodents and pests of all kinds are beginning to think about their winter homes.  Mice, rats and other rodents do not hibernate through the winter months, so they must seek shelter in a warm place.  Often homes can provide such an opportunity.  Basements, attics, walls and porches are all common areas where rodents gain access and set up shop.  Don’t let the mice make a stand in your house this winter.  Take action with the tips below and keep your home rodent-free this coming season.

How Do I Keep Rodents Out Of My House?

  • Seal openings that rodents may gain access to your house through.  Mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime, and rats can squeeze down through a hole as small as a nickel, so seal cracks with caulk, replace broken or missing window screens and weather stripping and close your doors and windows when the mercury drops outside.
  • Keep a clean property.  If there is no food or water, pests often will just move along.  So be sure to upkeep proper drainage all around the outside of your home and eliminate any standing water.  Clean up garbage right away and store it in air-tight, critter-proof cans.
  • Store pet food in air-tight and critter-proof cans.  Rodents are suckers for any kind of pet food, and if it’s available they will want to move in nearby.
  • Inspect items that come into your home like boxes or things that have been sitting outdoors for a while.


What Should I Do If I See or Hear A Mouse In My House?

Rodents are mostly nocturnal and very skittish creatures, so if you see one there is a chance there are more!  Mice have an uncommonly effective reproductive rate, popping out 6-10 little ones every three weeks so spotting one likely means there are more back home in the nest.  If you hear gnawing sounds or see small brown pellets of feces around, call Ace Walco right away.  We will send a professional inspector to assess the problem and talk about a solution with you.  Remember: rodents transmit over 200 different pathogens to humans so they are not great roommates.  Learn more about mice and rats here.