Where did these roaches come from?

So you keep a clean house and have never noticed any cockroach activity before, but suddenly you find them in your kitchen?  Where did these cockroaches come from, and how do you get rid of them?  The German cockroach is one of the world’s most ubiquitous pests.  No matter where you are geographically or on the socioeconomic spectrum, cockroaches are sure to be nearby.  They can easily make their way into your home through something as simple and innocent as ordering takeout.  The rise of global trade and business-direct-to-customer shipping has also increased the rate of cockroach transfer, so consider this when you order specialty goods online.

How do I get rid of roaches?

Is there a sure-fire way to keep your home safe from roaches?  In the pest control industry, we like to say that exclusion is the best treatment.  This means that we do our best to keep any malevolent pests out to begin with.  Assuming you start out with a roach-free household, here are a few tricks you should consider:

  • Check shipments and groceries thoroughly before putting away.  Cockroaches are likely to enter your home in or around food, so do a brief once-over before you put away your bulk dry goods or produce.
  • Keep a clean house.  Surprisingly, the simplest things can be most effective when deterring pests.  Cockroaches are drawn to food supplies, so as long as you deny them access, they’ll have to find somewhere else to go.  Store foods in hard-sided, air-tight containers and always wipe down surfaces after food has been out.  Clean soiled dishes and sweep the floor.  Basically, do all the chores your mom taught you and cockroaches will be headed for your neighbor’s in short order
  • Another obvious one?  Keep your doors and windows shut and cockroaches won’t be able to walk right in.  

What if I still have roaches?

Roaches are a dirty nuisance and a hassle, but one call to Ace Walco can have this problem in your past.  If you’ve done all you can to avoid these miserable miscreants and you still see them skittering around, call us today for a free inspection.  One of our friendly professionals will come at your convenience to assess the problem and help come up with a solution that works with your budget and has your family’s needs in mind.