Did you know that ants are the most common pest in the United States?  No matter where you live, the ants go marching once by one, into our collective frustration.  Just as there are so many varieties of flowers to bring color to your home and landscaping, there is a huge variety of ants living amongst them.  Read further to find out about some of the various kinds of ants that may be pestering you.


I have large black ants, how do I get rid of them on my own?  

  • Carpenter ants, aka silent destroyers, are the large black ants you see creeping around.  Surprisingly, they can do just as much damage as termites!  So, if you see a collection of very large (1/2” up to a full inch long) black ants hanging around your home or business, it is time for action.  Although various kinds of ant killer are available at hardware stores, the potential destruction of carpenter ants is worth calling in the professionals.  Often people think they are doing the right thing by spraying a bunch of chemicals around themselves, but this can alert the colony that trouble is brewing and the ants will descend deeper into your structure to hide, resulting in a much worse problem.  If you see carpenter ants, call Ace Walco today for a free inspection.  Our qualified inspectors will identify the problem and work with you to aggressively treat and resolve the issue.

What damage do carpenter ants do?

  • Carpenter ants don’t eat wood like termites, but instead hollow the wood out (frass) and build their nests inside.  This can lead to devastating structural integrity issues, and often can go undetected until it is too late.  If you are fortunate enough to spot a carpenter ant out and about, take the opportunity to schedule a free inspection with Ace Walco.  It could be the call that saves your home.

How are carpenter ants treated?

  • There are a number of ways to target and treat ant infestations.  Ace Walco, over the course of our 80+ years in business, has created a customized carpenter ant program sure to get results.  Ace Walco does not treat these ants like just a regular picnic ant but instead will go full force and attack the nest.  This ensures that the entire colony is effectively impacted by the treatments.

I have tiny microscopic ants in my home. How do I get rid of them?

  • Pavement ants are very small (up to 1/8” long) black or brown ants who eat nearly anything.  They derive their name from building nests underneath or near pavement, but they can also infest inside buildings as well.  Like other pests, pavement ants need a source of water to maintain their colony, so a first step in controlling pavement ants is to identify and eliminate standing water.  Another important idea to keep the ants from marching into your home is to keep doors and windows securely closed and sealed, and to clean up after any food preparation or consumption.  If you are still being plagued by these tiny terrors, give Ace Walco a ring.  We will send a qualified professional to inspect, identify and solve your problems—all with a no-obligation first visit.
I have piles of dirt appearing under my window sill/by my baseboard molding. I think I have termites?  
  • Well maybe it’s actually pavement ants and not termites.  Pavement ants are known to displace dirt from the nests they build.  To make sure, you’re best off to call a licensed pest control professional.  Ace Walco offers free inspections by qualified professionals.  Give us a call and set an appointment at your convenience.  We’ll come and figure out what kind of ants you are dealing with and help come up with a treatment program that works for you and your family.