There is a season in the termite world known as the swarm, and it is a special time.  It is handy for everyone to know about, because it is often the first time we may become aware of a termite problem.  The sooner you discover termites, the sooner you can take action to mitigate a potential issue, so keep your eyes peeled for the swarm and you’ll be one step ahead.  During the swarm, termites that look suspiciously like flying ants come out of the colony, buzz around searching for mates, drop their wings, then settle down with their new partner in damp wood to get a new colony started. 


What does a termite look like?

Swarming termites resemble flying ants, are brown/black in color, grow up to 1/2” long and have two pairs of wings that extend past the end of their body.  The key difference between the termite and flying ant is their waist.  Ants have a slender pinch, where termites are just broad all the way down their body.  Another distinction is that termites have straight antennae, while ants’ are shaped like the letter L.  After the winged termites get lucky and find a mate, they drop their wings, so there is also a possibility you will find discarded, translucent wings along with a termite problem.  If this is the case, be sure to contact a pest control professional right away and they can help you figure out where and how bad the issue is.


What happens during the termite swarm?

In the springtime—usually between February and June in New Jersey—the colony’s reproductive caste leaves the comfort of home to grow up and start their own destructive communities.  The workers and queens of the original colony stay put and continue on with their business, but the swarmers are hot and heavy for some mating and action of their own.  They emerge from their mud tubes and go wild.  They fly around on wings grown specially for the occasion, then promptly drop the translucent appendages, mate and move back underground to continue the cycle.  Happily for homeowners, most of these winged termites fail at their attempts and do no harm.  However, if you do see swarming termites in large quantities, or even notice wings lying about, it is likely that there is already a problem.  It is imperative to get it checked out in a timely fashion to ensure that any mitigation begins immediately.  Any insect pest control company such as Ace Walco has specially trained experts to identify termite infestations.


What do I do if I see termites or termite wings?

If you notice any of these sure signs of termite activity, your first call should be to Ace Walco for a free, no-obligation inspection.  Our qualified professional inspectors will come at your convenience and do a walk-through with you.  They will have the tools and specialized knowledge to help identify any issues and lay out an appropriate plan of action.  Next, we encourage you to call at least two other companies for their opinion and pricing.  Chances are, you’ll learn a lot more and be even more confident in Ace Walco’s commitment to their customers by providing quality service at reasonable rates.  Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to have our family help yours.

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