As summer winds down and the flowers begin to wilt in the last days of the season, bees become increasingly territorial of their nests.  Some may live in trees, others in roofs or eaves, others still build nests in the ground, but bees feel the pressure of summer coming to an end and get aggressive.  This is the time they are most likely to sting or chase people.  Call Ace Walco today if you notice bee activity.

Bees Fear End of Summer

While we hustle to get the back to school shopping done, bees are busy gathering the last of summer’s sweet nectar.  As autumn approaches bees begin to feel anxious and become aggressive and very protective of their nests.  This is the time of year they are most likely to chase or sting people.  If you see bees call Ace Walco for a free inspection.

Ace Walco Treats Bees

Should you notice the ominous buzz of a worker bee anxious about the end of summer, give us a call.  Ace Walco has been treating bees and other pests in the tristate area for over 80 years and we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.  Call today and we will send a licensed professional to give you a thorough inspection free of charge.

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