The vernal equinox comes on March 20th of this year, marking the astronomical first day of spring.  As the rays of the sun begin to hit the earth at higher angles, the snow melts and the animal kingdom begins their seasonal awakening.  This can mean trouble for homeowners, but there are some things you can do to prevent springtime pest invasions.

Spring pest prevention measures

Divert snowmelt and spring rains well away from your house and foundation

Any time there is moisture in or near your house, conditions are ripe for pests.  Insects and rodents thrive with a source of water, and something as simple as a clogged gutter could get quickly out of hand once a colony of carpenter ants move in.  The simple solution is to make sure water drains quickly and adequately away from your foundation and walls. 


Dispose of green waste quickly

Prepping your yard for spring can promptly add up to a heaping pile of green waste.  While it’s not always the most fun or glamorous ending to a day of hard work, make sure you dispose of the weeds and branches so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for invasive insects or ticks.  


Repair any damaged window screens

Nothing says springtime like throwing open a window and feeling the fresh air pour into your stuffy winter retreat.  After you’ve had your moment, take a look to ensure the screens are in tact and correctly installed so you can avoid insects joining you inside.


Check your dogs for ticks

Fido takes the joy of spring to a whole other level, so when you return home from those spring walks, make sure you check him for ticks.  This can ease your anxiety of contracting Lyme disease and keep your pooch more comfortable as well.  For further tick remediation, call about our seasonal outdoor treatment program.


Call Ace Walco for a free inspection

The best thing you can possibly do for your home this spring is schedule a free inspection with one of our trained professionals.  They can walk through your area and help point out other ideas that will keep your home pest free.  

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