When it comes to protecting our homes, its important to find ways of reducing the introduction of chemicals and toxins.  But are there natural remedies that can prevent pests from becoming an issue?  Certainly.  And below you can read about the top 6 recommendations for reducing both pests and chemicals from your home.


1. Natural Pest Prevention tip 1: Clean Up After Eating

It may seem overly simple, but one of the most effective ways of reducing the likelihood of a pest issue is to keep food put away and wipe down surfaces that have had food on them like table and countertops.  Studies have shown that cleaning surfaces, even with water alone, can keep cockroaches and ants at bay.  Sweeping the floor afterward will finish the job and pests will be less likely to come creeping around.  Another important consideration is to ensure your food storage is adequately sealed.  Do not leave open bags in cupboards or pantries; instead, store food in air-tight containers that cannot be spilled or chewed through.  By reducing the opportunity for pests to find food, they will be likely to find another place to hang out.


2. Natural Pest Prevention tip 2: Do Not Allow Any Standing Water

We all know that a shallow bog in your backyard can be a breeding ground for mosquitos in the summer, but there is a surprising litany of pests that are drawn to and thrive with even a small but steady source of water.  Therefore, one of the simplest things you can do to reduce your chances of getting rodents, insects or other pests, is to make sure your property is dried out.  Drain puddles or low spots, make sure there are no spare tires lying around collecting water, and make sure there is adequate drainage near spigots or downspouts.  The same recommendations for the yard are true for areas like crawlspaces or basements that have a tendency to be moist.  Run a dehumidifier and make sure to check on spaces that are at risk.  


3. Natural Pest Prevention tip 3: Use Soaps With Low Residue Buildup

Even the cleanest sinks are susceptible to pests like drain flies when there is a buildup of crud in the drain and pipes.  To reduce the buildup, use liquid soaps rather than solids, as soap residues can collect in your drains creating a perfect environment for several nasty pests.


4. Natural Pest Prevention tip 4: Use Trash Cans With Lids

When trash is exposed, whether indoors or out, pests will find it.  Since you can’t eliminate trash, put it in sealed containers and that should do the trick.  Bring smelly kitchen or indoor trash to your outside receptacle as soon as possible to reduce the odor trail that can be tantalizing to a specialized sense of smell.  Make sure your outside cans have tight-fitting lids that are secure even from a tip.  You’ll never imagine the strength of a raccoon determined to get at a rotting cheeseburger!  


5. Natural Pest Prevention tip 5: Install Screens on Windows and Doors

A refreshing spring breeze can make all the difference to a home that’s been stuffy for a season, but be sure that when you open that window you’re only letting in fresh air.  Patch any holes in existing screens and install them where they are lacking.  This will eliminate the opportunity for pests to walk right in the door.  The same goes for any cracks or holes on the outside of your house—seal using caulk, screen or steel wool where needed.


6. Natural Pest Prevention tip 6: Check Your Pets for Pests

Pets can be a great vehicle for an assortment of pests to enter your home.  Fleas, in particlular, spread easily once they are inside.  So, if you can catch the problem early and clean Fido, you may be able to avoid the hassle of treating your whole house (or family’s hair).  


These are just a few of the tips our professional service team has come up with to ensure the most pest-free environment for you and your family.  If you have any questions or concerns about your home or property, call us now to schedule a free inspection.  Ace Walco has been servicing homes and businesses for over 80 years and our arsenal of prevention techniques are a pleasure to share.

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