House Fly

What does a house fly look like?

The house fly is the most common kind of fly.  It is about 1/4 inch long with a black body and iridescent , triangular wings.

Do house flies bite?

No.  House flies have jaws made for lapping, so they do not bite, but they do carry a ton of diseases and bacteria and are famous for spreading germs on a global scale.

Where do house flies live?

House flies get their name from living in and around houses.  They only live for about 15 days and rarely travel far from the house they were born around.  If you have noticed house flies in New Jersey lately, contact Ace Walco for a free inspection.  Our certified professionals will walk through the area and discuss a solution that works for you.


House flies carry dozens of diseases and known pathogens.  Their presence alone is a sign of unsanitary conditions.  


The best prevention for house flies is good sanitation.  Keep food preparation areas clean and all surfaces wiped clean after use.  Take out the trash daily, and use containers with lids.  Keep screens on windows and doors to keep flies out.

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