Pest Facts: Drain Fly


Drain flies are very small, hairy, moth-like insects that are found often around drains and leaking pipes.

Pest Facts
Color: Tan/ grayish
Legs: Six
Shape: Small oval with large wings
Size: 1/5-1/6 inches
Antennae: Yes
Flying: Yes
Region: Throughout the United States


Drain flies are often cited as appearing in mass suddenly.  They feed on decaying organic matter, microorganisms and sediment in pipes or other filthy places.  They are nocturnal.


Drain flies live in dark, wet places.  They reproduce by laying eggs in the muck that lines drain pipes or in other moist, gelatinous organic matter.  Thus, they are often associated with bathrooms and other drains around the home. 


Drain flies do not bite humans, but are a potential heath concern because they can spread a variety of diseases.  Bronchial asthma can be caused by inhaling fragments of dead flies. 


Drain flies are best prevented through vigilant sanitation practices.  Eliminate potential breeding sites like drains, bathtubs, etc. by keeping them dry. 


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