Pest Prevention Tip 2: Close Windows and Doors

The simplest way for anything to enter your home is an open door, and that goes for pests as well.  While you’re at it, take a look around the perimeter of your home to check for any cracks or holes.  Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime!  Go to town with a tube of caulk and you can rest easy that no snakes are slithering in at night.


Pest Prevention Tip 3: Keep a Tidy Basement

Though it is mighty tempting to use the basement as a catch-all for any loose crap that has accumulated, a cluttered space is a good spot for rodents to call home.  Use shelving to store things so that boxes on the floor don’t become rat homes.


Pest Prevention Tip 4: Store Firewood Away from Structures

Be sure to store firewood at least 20’ away from any structures.  Firewood is a major culprit of spreading wood-destroying insects because ants or termites may be already living in the log.  Also, avoid storing any wood inside before you burn it.  This is a time when the pests might escape from the wood and begin living in your home.


Pest Prevention Tip 5: Pay Special Attention to Moisture

Pests are attracted to water, and need it to survive.  Be sure to tend to any leaks or water issues you come across right away.  Kitchen and bathroom water sources are especially enticing to cockroaches, so be sure to address any kind of slow drains, standing water or leaks.


Pest Prevention Tip 6: Install Weather Stripping on Doors and Repair Screens

Though it may be only a small crack, the space under a door or in just a one-inch hole in a window screen is large enough to admit an entire colony of termites.  It is so important it merits another warning: be sure to check all the doors and windows in your home to make sure there is no room for pests!


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